Differential Diagnosis and Medical Therapeutics: A Treatise on Clinical Medicine

P Siva Rama Krishna Rao

Key Features

  • This fascinating book (DDMT) is a symptom oriented integrated approach to clinical medicine focusing on day-to-day problems encountered in clinical practice
  • Enriched with assiduous knowledge, the book covers a wide spectrum of commonly seen problems
  • The book has 40 chapters, 5 appendices and around 103 illustrations with around 40 algorithms highlighting the salient features for better retention and recall
  • Includes three new topics of interest, Abnormal Involuntary Movements, Incontinence and Sleep Disorders which further enhance the content
  • The book is one of its kind published in India which is observed as such by one of the stalwart reviewers.
  • Includes forty stalwarts in the field of medicine and outstanding professors and physicians from all over India from Ludhiana to Trivandrum and from east (Kolkata and Cuttack) to the west (Mumbai and Ahemadabad) and abroad (Srilanka, USA and Kuwait six indexed reputed journals “BMJ and JAPI”).
  • The book is a treasure trove of knowledge for physicians, general practitioners, and postgraduate students.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Abnormal Involuntary Movements
Chapter 2: Acute Abdominal Pain
Chapter 3: Bleeding Disorders
Chapter 4: Chest Pain
Chapter 5: Chronic Diarrhoea
Chapter 6: Coma
Chapter 7: Cyanosis
Chapter 8: Dementia
Chapter 9: Dyspepsia
Chapter 10: Dysphagia
Chapter 11: Dyspnoea
Chapter 12: Epileptic Seizures
Chapter 13: Erectile Dysfunction
Chapter 14: Fatigue
Chapter 15: Goitre
Chapter 16: Gynaecomastia
Chapter 17: Haematemesis and Melaena
Chapter 18: Haematuria
Chapter 19: Haemoptysis
Chapter 20: Headache
Chapter 21: Incontinence
Chapter 22: Jaundice
Chapter 23: Low Backache
Chapter 24: Obesity
Chapter 25: Oedema
Chapter 26: Oliguria
Chapter 27: Pain in the Extremities
Chapter 28: Palpitations
Chapter 29: Paraplegia
Chapter 30: Polyarthritis
Chapter 31: Polyuria
Chapter 32: Pruritus
Chapter 33: Pyrexia of Unknown Origin (PUO)
Chapter 34: Rashes
Chapter 35: Shock
Chapter 36: Sleep Disorders
Chapter 37: Syncope
Chapter 38: Vertigo and Dizziness
Chapter 39: Vomiting
Chapter 40: Weight Loss