ACS(I) Procedural Dermatosurgery: A Step by Step Approach

Biju Vasudevan, Manas Chatterjee, Shilpa K

This book is a dream project of the Association of Cutaneous Surgeons (India) [ACS(I)] Academy and involves the description of various surgical procedures in a step wise manner. It will contain the detailed steps involved in doing various dermatosurgical procedures accompanied by figures for each of the steps. This would help all budding and practicing dermatosurgeons to easily carry out these procedures just by reading and having a visual outlook of the respective surgeries.

The chapters are contributed by eminent dermatosurgeons, who are experts in their respective fields from all over the country. The book will be a ready reference for dermatologists, dermatosurgeons, dermatology residents and will also be a guide for other specialties when they encounter a dermatosurgery case.

Tips and tricks, modifications, complications and recent advances will be highlighted for each procedure. The chapters will be concise and have been made crisper by addition of tables, flowcharts and algorithms.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Essential Dermatosurgical Instruments
Chapter 2: Local Anesthesia for Dermatosurgical Procedures
Chapter 3: Suturing Techniques
Chapter 4: Dressings in Dermatosurgery
Chapter 5: Skin Biopsy Techniques
Chapter 6: Excisions of Cysts and Small Tumors
Chapter 7: Mole Surgery
Chapter 8: Dermabrasion
Chapter 9: Microneedling
Chapter 10: Platelet Rich Plasma
Chapter 11: Surgical Treatment of Acne Scars
Chapter 12: Skin Grafting
Chapter 13: Scar Revision Techniques
Chapter 14: Flap Surgeries
Chapter 15: Surgical Management of Leg Ulcers
Chapter 16: Tissue Grafting Techniques in Vitiligo
Chapter 17: Modifications of Tissue Grafting Techniques for Vitiligo
Chapter 18: Cellular Grafting Techniques
Chapter 19: Modifications of Cellular Techniques for Difficult Vitiligo
Chapter 20: Practical Tips for Management of Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars
Chapter 21: Surgical Management of Earlobe Keloids
Chapter 22: Earlobe Repair
Chapter 23: Nerve Biopsy
Chapter 24: Nail Surgery
Chapter 25: Hair Transplantation: Follicular Unit Transplantation
Chapter 26: Hair Transplantation: Follicular Unit Extraction
Chapter 27: Hair Transplantation: Modifications for Other Uses
Chapter 28: Eyelash Transplantation
Chapter 29: Blepharoplasty
Chapter 30: Dimple Creation
Chapter 31: Lipobodysculpting
Chapter 32: Autologous Fat Transfer
Chapter 33: Surgical Management of Hyperhidrosis
Chapter 34: Treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Chapter 35: Surgeries of Oral Mucosa
Chapter 36: Surgeries of Genitalia
Chapter 37: Moh's Micrographic Surgery
Chapter 38: Sclerotherapy
Chapter 39: Use of Chemicals in Dermatosurgery
Chapter 40: Cryotherapy
Chapter 41: Radiofrequency and Electrocautery
Chapter 42: Lasers in Dermatosurgery: Treatment of Hyperpigmentary Disorders
Chapter 43: Lasers in Dermatosurgery: Treatment of Hypopigmentary Disorders
Chapter 44: Lasers in Dermatosurgery: Treatment of Vascular Lesions
Chapter 45: Lasers in Dermatosurgery: Treating Exophytic Lesions
Chapter 46: Lasers in Dermatosurgery: Treating Scars
Chapter 47: Lasers in Dermatosurgery: Treating Excessive Hair
Chapter 48: Lasers in Dermatosurgery: Safety and Complications
Chapter 49: Lasers: Algorithms
Chapter 50: Botulinum Toxin in Dermatosurgery
Chapter 51: Fillers in Dermatosurgery
Chapter 52: Micropigmentation