ACSI Textbook on Cutaneous & Aesthetic Surgery

Mysore Venkataram

This is a Comprehensive textbook on the subspecialty, with specific reference to its applications in brown skin. All procedures are covered extensively by authors who are experts in the field. Tips and pearls for performing the procedures effectively and safely have been given. This is a landmark publication to be on the desktop of all cutaneous surgeons.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Skin: Basic Aspects
Chapter 2: Applied Surgical Anatomy in Relation to Facial Rejuvenation
Chapter 3: Setting Up a Dermatosurgery Unit
Chapter 4: Disinfection and Sterilization
Chapter 5: Wound Healing
Chapter 6: Wound Management and Dressings
Chapter 7: Universal Precautions for a Dermatosurgeon
Chapter 8: Basic Dermatologic Surgery Instruments
Chapter 9: Wound Closure Materials and Techniques in Dermatosurgery
Chapter 10: Local Anesthesia
Chapter 11: Hemostasis in Dermatologic Surgery
Chapter 12: Resuscitation in Dermatosurgical Emergencies
Chapter 13: Antibacterial Agents in Dermatosurgery
Chapter 14: Analgesics and Anxiolytics in Dermatosurgery
Chapter 15: Simple Excisions
Chapter 16: Simple Dermatosurgical Procedures: Biopsy, Curettage and Chemical Cautery
Chapter 17: Electrosurgery
Chapter 18: Radiofrequency in Dermatology
Chapter 19: Cryotherapy
Chapter 20A: Surgical Management of Cutaneous Cysts and Lipomas
Chapter 20B: Melanocytic Nevi: Treatment Modalities
Chapter 21: Flaps for Facial Reconstruction
Chapter 22: Scar Revision
Chapter 23: Dermabrasion
Chapter 24A: Overview of Vitiligo Surgery
Chapter 24B: Autologous Mini Punch Grafting in Vitiligo
Chapter 24C: Suction Blister Roof Grafting
Chapter 24D: Thin Split Thickness Skin Grafting for Vitiligo
Chapter 24E: Epidermal Noncultured Cell Suspension in Vitiligo
Chapter 24F: Cultured Melanocyte Transplantation
Chapter 24G: Phototherapy with Grafting Procedures in Vitiligo
Chapter 24H: Complications of Vitiligo Surgery
Chapter 24I: Other Methods of Treating Vitiligo and Tips for Vitiligo Surgery
Chapter 25A: Overview of Acne Scarring
Chapter 25B: Surgical Management of Acne Scars
Chapter 25C: Management of Acne Scars—Lasers
Chapter 25D: Approach to Management of Post-acne Scars
Chapter 26A: Mohs Micrographic Surgery
Chapter 26B: Melanoma
Chapter 27A: Varicose Veins: An Overview
Chapter 27B: Sclerotherapy
Chapter 27C: Sclerotherapy for Vascular Malformations
Chapter 28: Leg Ulcers
Chapter 29: Surgery of Nails
Chapter 30: Keloid and Hypertrophic Scar
Chapter 31: Cleft Earlobe Repair
Chapter 32: Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Chapter 33: Circumcision
Chapter 34: Leprosy Surgery
Chapter 35A: Aging Skin
Chapter 35B: Approach to Management of Aging Skin
Chapter 36: Cosmeceuticals for Aging Skin
Chapter 37: Microdermabrasion
Chapter 38: Microneedling
Chapter 39: Glycolic Acid Peels
Chapter 40A: Non-glycolic Acid Peels—Salicylic Acid and Trichloroacetic Acid Peels
Chapter 40B: Newer Superficial Peels
Chapter 41A: Cosmetic Uses of Botulinum Toxin
Chapter 41B: Non-cosmetic Dermatological Indications of Botulinum Toxin
Chapter 42A: Soft Tissue Augmentation: Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
Chapter 42B: Non-hyaluronic Acid Fillers
Chapter 43A: Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation
Chapter 43B: Newer Methods in Hair Transplantation
Chapter 43C: Non-hair Transplantation Methods of Surgical Hair Restoration
Chapter 44: Liposuction
Chapter 45: Fat Transplantation
Chapter 46A: Periorbital Rejuvenation
Chapter 46B: Blepharoplasty and Periorbital Surgical Rejuvenation
Chapter 47: Melasma and its Esthetic Management
Chapter 48: Cosmetic Problems of Nails and their Management
Chapter 49: History and Physics of Lasers: Dermatologic Lasers and their Evolution
Chapter 50: Setting Up a Laser Theater
Chapter 51: Laser and Light-assisted Hair Removal
Chapter 52: Carbon Dioxide Laser
Chapter 53: Lasers for Pigmented Lesions and Tattoos
Chapter 54: Lasers for Vascular Lesions
Chapter 55: Fractional Lasers
Chapter 56: Nonablative Lasers, Lights and Other Technologies in Dermatology
Chapter 57: Patient Satisfaction in Esthetic Dermatology and Surgery
Chapter 58: Psychological Issues in Esthetic Surgery
Chapter 59: Evidence-based Medicine in Cutaneous and Esthetic Surgery
Chapter 60: Accreditation
Chapter 61: Medicolegal Issues in Esthetic Surgery
Chapter 62: Clinical Photography in Surgical and Esthetic Dermatology
Chapter 63: Teledermatology in Esthetic Surgery
Chapter 64: Tips for Setting Up Clinics and Establishing Practice
Chapter 65: Dermatosurgery Made Easy—Tips for Beginners
Chapter 66: Suppliers Details for Laser Machines, Dermatosurgical and Esthetic Equipment/Products