ACS(I) Textbook of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery - Volume 2

Dr. Venkataram Mysore

Released first in 2013 and edited by Dr. Venkataram Mysore, Textbook of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery has established itself as the premier textbook and a complete, comprehensive guide on the subspeciality. It has proved to be hugrly popular amongst students and practitioners alike, accross the world. The book is targeted at both the beginners interested in the basic surgical knowledge and experienced cuteneous surgeons who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills.

In its second edition, it has now become bigger and grown to include 151 chapters. The continued focus is on four thrust areas: Dermatosurgery, Aesthetics, Lasers and Practice Management under six sections covering all the procedures under these categories.

All the chapters have been revised thoroughly and new content added. There are as many 59 new chapters covering new topics, such as body shaping, microneedling RF, new laser and and energy technologies, platelet rich plasma, aesthetic  techniques, social media, marketing, and training in dematosurgery and many more. The sections on lasers, energy devices, hair transplantation and tissue augmentation have been expanded significantly. There is an entirely new section on regional surgeries. The book retains its emphasis on topics relevant to the Indian dermatosurgeons and the brown skin, such as detailed sections on vitiligo surgery, chapters on leprosy surgery and pigmentation.

The focus continues to be on the reader friendly format. There are almost 2,000 colored images and illustrations. Text boxes, tables, keynotes and pearls are included.

Chapter 1 to Chapter 63 available in Volume 1.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 64: Pathophysiology of Aging Skin
Chapter 65: Clinical Features of Aging
Chapter 66: Approach to Management of Aging Skin
Chapter 67: Cosmeceuticals
Chapter 68: Systemic Nutraceuticals
Chapter 69: Glycolic Acid Peels
Chapter 70: Salicylic Acid and Trichloroacetic Acid Peel
Chapter 71: Newer Superficial Peels
Chapter 72: Botulinum Toxin: Pharmacology
Chapter 73: Botulinum Toxin for the Upper Face
Chapter 74: Botulinum Toxin for the Midface, Lower Face and Neck
Chapter 75: Non-Cosmetic Dermatological Indications of Botulinum Toxin
Chapter 76: General Principles of Soft Tissue Augmentation
Chapter 77: Soft Tissue Augmentation: Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
Chapter 78: Non-hyaluronic Acid Fillers
Chapter 79: Hand Rejuvenation
Chapter 80: Tear Trough Correction with Fillers
Chapter 81: Lip Augmentation
Chapter 82: Complications of Fillers
Chapter 83: Overall Approach to Injectables in Rejuvenation
Chapter 84: Microdermabrasion
Chapter 85: Microneedling
Chapter 86: Stretch Marks
Chapter 87A: Cosmetic Problems of Nails disorders
Chapter 87B: Aesthetic of Nails
Chapter 88: Suspending Devices
Chapter 89: Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy
Chapter 90: Periocular Darkening and Rejuvenation
Chapter 91: Blepharoplasty and Periorbital Surgical Rejuvenation
Chapter 92A: Melasma and its Aesthetic Management
Chapter 92B: Approach to Procedural Management of Diffuse Facial Melanosis
Chapter 93: Androgenetic Alopecia: An Approach to a Patient
Chapter 94: Psychology of a Hair Loss Patient
Chapter 95: Basic Principles of Hair Transplantation
Chapter 96: Case Selection and Counseling
Chapter 97: Design of Anterior Hairline in Male Pattern Baldness
Chapter 98: Donor Area Strip Dissection
Chapter 99: Donor Area: Follicular Unit Extraction
Chapter 100: Hair Transplantation: Recipient Area
Chapter 101: Complications of Hair Restoration Surgery
Chapter 102: Body Hair Transplantation
Chapter 103: Non Hair Transplantation Methods of Surgical Hair Restoration
Chapter 104: Scalp Micropigmentation
Chapter 105: Ethical Aspects and Training in Hair Transplantation
Chapter 106: Setting Up a Hair Clinic
Chapter 107: Manual Liposuction
Chapter 108: Powered Liposuction and Specific Aspects of Liposuction
Chapter 109: Laser Lipolysis
Chapter 110: Injection Lipolysis and Cryolipolysis
Chapter 111: Fat Transplantation
Chapter 112: History and Evolution of Energy-based Dermatosurgical Devices
Chapter 113: Laser Tissue Interactions and their Clinical Relevance
Chapter 114: Setting Up a Laser Theater
Chapter 115: Laser Hair Removal: Basic Principles
Chapter 116: Laser- and Light-assisted Hair Removal: Clinical Aspects
Chapter 117: Different Wavelengths for Hair Removal
Chapter 118: Carbon Dioxide Laser
Chapter 119: Er:YAG Laser
Chapter 120: Lasers for Pigmented Lesions
Chapter 121: Lasers for Tattoo Removal
Chapter 122: Lasers for Vascular Lesions
Chapter 123: Fractional Lasers
Chapter 124: Nonablative Lasers, Lights and Other Technologies in Dermatology
Chapter 125: Microneedle Radiofrequency
Chapter 126: Noninvasive Body Contouring
Chapter 127: Complications of Lasers
Chapter 128: Patient Satisfaction
Chapter 129: Psychology of an Aesthetic Patient
Chapter 130: Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Chapter 131: Isotretinoin and Procedures in Dermatology Reviewing Clinical Significance
Chapter 132: Evidence-based Medicine in Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery
Chapter 133: Accreditation
Chapter 134: Medicolegal Issues in Aesthetic Surgery
Chapter 135: Consumer Protection Act and the Aesthetic Patient
Chapter 136: Challenges in Aesthetic Dermatology: Quackery and Spa Dermatology
Chapter 137: Clinical Photography in Surgical and Aesthetic Dermatology
Chapter 138: Teledermatology in Aesthetic Surgery
Chapter 139: Social Media and Aesthetics
Chapter 140: Abuse of Topical Corticosteroids and the Menace of Fairness Creams
Chapter 141: Establishing and Setting up a Dermato-aesthetic Practice and Related Marketing
Chapter 142: Documentation and Role of Electronic Medical Records
Chapter 143A: Training in Aesthetic Practice
Chapter 143B: Training in Dermatosurgical Practice
Chapter 143C: Training in Aesthetic Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery
Chapter 144: Role of Counselors in Aesthetic Practice
Chapter 145: Indian Innovations in Dermatosurgery
Chapter 146: Suppliers' Details for Laser Machines, Dermatosurgical and Aesthetic Equipment/Products