Amantadine in Parkinson’s Disease: An Expert Opinion

Vinay Goyal

Salient Features

  • Written by practicing key opinion leaders in neurology.
  • Covers basic aspects of Parkinsonism with description of various symptoms, pathophysiology, and management approach.
  • Describes in detail the role of amantadine in the management of parkinsonism highlighting its clinical and safety parameters.
  • Illustrated and summarized with tables and figures to enhance reading experience.
  • One-stop information for practising neurologists and clinical practitioners on parkinsonism and role of amantadine.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Clinical Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
Chapter 2: Parkinson's Disease: Pathophysiology and Diagnosis
Chapter 3: Role of Amantadine in Parkinson's Disease
Chapter 4: Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Amantadine
Chapter 5: Amantadine: Dosage, Adverse Effects, and Drug-Drug Interactions