Expert Techniques in Facial Plastic Surgery: An Analytical Approach to Face and Neck Lift Surgery

Editors: J Regan Thomas, Minas Constantinides

Salient Features

  • The goal of this book is to demonstrate reliable, predictable procedures for improving and correcting the appearance of the face and neck. The chapter authors have been selected based on their expertise and experience through proven results working with patients with aesthetic goals of appearance and rejuvenation
  • Offers procedures selected with the goal of accomplishing appropriate results for aesthetic patients. Based on patient needs, goals, and individual requirements, a variety of techniques and approaches are provided with insights gained by the experience of expert surgeons.
  • Presents contemporary face- and neck-lift options reflecting useful and successful methods described by experienced aesthetic surgeons from a variety of perspectives
  • The primary goal of this book is to enhance face- and neck-lift results for patients based on providing the surgeon with appropriate alternatives and proven techniques
  • The optimum result of this book is to contribute to aesthetic outcomes and results which are favorable to both the surgeons and their patients.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Anatomy and Physiology of the Aging Face and Neck
Chapter 2: Preoperative Evaluation and Analysis of the Aging Face and Neck
Chapter 3: The Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System Facelift
Chapter 4: The Extended SMAS Facelift
Chapter 5: The Deep Plane Facelift
Chapter 6: Short Scar Rhytidectomy
Chapter 7: Midface Surgery
Chapter 8: Racial and Ethnic Considerations in Facelift
Chapter 9: Chin Implant Technique with Facelift
Chapter 10: Direct Excision of Submental Laxity
Chapter 11: Complications of Facelift and Necklift
Chapter 12: Skin Rejuvenation with Facelift