API Textbook of MEDICINE

Sandhya A Kamath

This book contains up-to-date information about the physiological, pathological, biological, and clinical aspects of diseases with special stress on their Indian features and information collected from available Indian data. The book therefore is truly “Made in India”, but is “Global” in perspective. Current edition is up-to-date edition, reader-friendly and a realistic textbook, authoritatively written by experts with immense knowledge and experience, making it an ideal reference tool for Clinicians, Practitioners, and Students.

The theme of the book from bedside to the bench to clinical management of cases—is well elucidated. The style and layout of the book is similar to that of the earlier editions. The contents of the book have been modified as per the latest advances and made as contemporary as possible. Under the section “Viral Infections”, an entirely new part
SARS COVID-19 has been added, that covers major topics such as COVID-19: Epidemiology, clinical course, treatment, laboratory diagnosis, and post-COVID complications and care. A separate chapter on “COVID Vaccination” is included that gives a new feature to this book.

Table of Contents

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Section 1: Infectious Diseases
Section 2: HIV Medicine
Section 3: Rheumatology
Section 4: Metabolism
Section 5: Bone Disorders
Section 6: Endocrinology
Section 7: Diabetology
Section 8: Hematology
Section 9: Nephrology
Section 10: Environmental Medicine
Section 11: Pulmonology
Section 12: Cardiology
Section 13: Gastroenterology
Section 14: Hepatology
Section 15: Neurology
Section 16: Critical Care Medicine
Section 17: Poisoning and Toxicology
Section 18: Other Specialties
Section 1e: Infectious Diseases
Section 2e: Rheumatology
Section 3e: Metabolism
Section 4e: Bone Disorders
Section 5e: Endocrinology
Section 6e: Diabetology
Section 7e: Nephrology
Section 8e: Environmental Medicine
Section 9e: Pulmonology
Section 10e: Cardiology
Section 11e: Gastroenterology
Section 12e: Hepatology
Section 13e: Neurology
Section 14e: Other Specialties
Section 15e: Clinical Approach
Section 16e: Medical Genetics
Section 17e: Immunology
Section 18e: Nutrition
Section 19e: Oncology
Section 20e: Clinical Psychiatry
Section 21e: Diagnostic Imaging
Section 22e: Gerontology