Case-based Reviews in Dermatology

Rashmi Sarkar

Key Features

  • The book is a novel attempt focusing on the methodology of approaching case scenarios in dermatology
  • Evidence-based approach to the treatment of various uncommon dermatological conditions
  • Each chapter starts with an interesting case, followed by a review of the disease entity in the form of relevant question and answer format
  • It is an important source of learning the basics of clinical dermatology, co-relates the clinical findings and the laboratory investigations for disease diagnosis and management
  • Presented in a reader-friendly manner, written by experts having extensive research and clinical experience 
  • The book is a valuable resource for dermatologists, physicians and postgraduate students.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Oral Ulcers with Joint Pains
Chapter 2: Genital Ulcer
Chapter 3: Generalized Pruritus
Chapter 4: Diffuse Hyperpigmentation
Chapter 5: Fever with Rash in a Child
Chapter 6: Nerve Thickening with or without Hypoesthetic Patch
Chapter 7: Papulonodular Lesions of Face
Chapter 8: Vesiculopustular and Bullous Disorders in Children
Chapter 9: Vesiculobullous Disorder in Middle Age
Chapter 10: Erythroderma
Chapter 11: Vaginal Discharge
Chapter 12: Urethral Discharge
Chapter 13: Granulomatous Disorders
Chapter 14: Diffuse Hair Loss
Chapter 15: Scalp Pruritus
Chapter 16: Facial Melanosis