Clinical Approach to Renal Diseases in Diabetes

Dhinakaran T

This book focuses on the renal complications associated with diabetes. The first chapter provides an overview of the current scenario with respect to diabetes in the world and India in particular, factors contributing to the development of diabetes as well as measures to prevent it. The subsequent chapters deal with diabetic kidney disease (DKD), risk factors and pathophysiology of DKD. The use of microalbuminuria as a biomarker to monitor the development and progression of DKD as well as the possibility of prevention in early stages are described. Chapters 7 to 9 describe therapeutic measures including hyperglycemia control, hypertension and proteinuria therapy as well as diet control (protein and salt restriction), cessation of smoking, weight reduction and dyslipidemia therapy. Newer therapeutic approaches are also described. The last three chapters describe other clinical manifestations of diabetic kidney disease, cardiovascular morbidity and end stage renal disease (ESRD) and their management.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 01: Diabetes Mellitus—A Worldwide Health Challenge
Chapter 02: Diabetes and Kidney—Diabetic Kidney Disease
Chapter 03: Risk Factors for Diabetic Nephropathy
Chapter 04: Is Diabetic Nephropathy Preventable?
Chapter 05: Pathophysiology of Diabetic Nephropathy
Chapter 06: Microalbuminuria in Diabetic Nephropathy—A Marker or a Risk Factor?
Chapter 07: Diabetic Nephropathy—Treatment: Hyperglycemia Control
Chapter 08: Diabetic Nephropathy—Treatment: Hypertension and Proteinuria Therapy
Chapter 09: Diabetic Nephropathy—Other Therapies for Improving Renal Outcome
Chapter 10: Diabetes and Kidney—Beyond Nephropathy
Chapter 11: Diabetic Nephropathy and Cardiovascular Morbidity