Diagnostic Cytology

Pranab Dey
Salient Features
  • The book describes the general cytology, exfoliative cytology, laboratory techniques, and fine-needle aspiration cytology.
  • The main asset of the book is the demonstration of different cytological techniques in a video format.
  • A simple, concise, illustrative book with a large number of tables, boxes, line arts, and microphotographs.
  • The molecular pathology and immunocytochemistry of various tumors are described.
  • All the updated classification of the World Health Organization and International Academy of Cytologists are included.
  • The digital pathology, whole-slide scanning and artificial neural network, polymerase chain reaction, and next-generation sequencing are described in detail.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Cell
Chapter 2: Cell Cycle and Cell Proliferation
Chapter 3: Cellular Reaction to Injury and Cell Death
Chapter 4: Molecular Genetics: Basic Principles and Clinical Applications
Chapter 5: Neoplasm
Chapter 6: Tissue and Cell Organization
Chapter 7: Normal Anatomy, Histology and Cytology of Female Genital Tract
Chapter 8: Cervical Carcinogenesis, Preneoplastic and Neoplastic Condition
Chapter 9: Cervical Cancer Screening Program
Chapter 10: Effusion Cytology
Chapter 11: Urine Cytology
Chapter 12: Respiratory Cytology
Chapter 13: Gastrointestinal Tract
Chapter 14: Cerebrospinal Fluid
Chapter 15: Basic Technique and Approach to Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology
Chapter 16: Routine Laboratory Techniques
Chapter 17: Special Stains and Immunocytochemistry
Chapter 18: Light Microscope
Chapter 19: Digital Pathology
Chapter 20: Flow Cytometry
Chapter 21: Automation and Liquid-Based Cytology
Chapter 22: Polymerase Chain Reaction and DNA Sequencing
Chapter 23: Quality Control and Laboratory Organization
Chapter 24: Head, Neck, and Orbit
Chapter 25: Salivary Gland
Chapter 26: Thyroid
Chapter 27: Breast
Chapter 28: Lymph Node
Chapter 29: Mediastinum
Chapter 30: Liver and Spleen
Chapter 31: Pancreas
Chapter 32: Kidney and Adrenal
Chapter 33: Gonads and Prostrate
Chapter 34: Soft-Tissue Lesions
Chapter 35: the Skin
Chapter 36: Bone
Chapter 37: Round Cell Tumor
Chapter 38: Infection