Differential Diagnosis in Pediatrics

K Nedunchelian, P Ramachandran, S Thangavelu, NC Gowrishankar

This book has been brought out under IAP President’s action Plan. An exact diagnosis is essential for patient care, as further management entirely depends on it. For achieving this, all the possible differential diagnoses have to be entertained and after thorough clinical examination with appropriate investigations, the “final diagnosis” should be arrived. The need to have differential diagnoses for many common clinical situations compiled in a single book should be fulfilled by this initiative.
The differential diagnosis for the symptoms and signs are covered mainly and some important clinical conditions are also considered. Each Chapter focuses on definition, differential diagnosis for the conditions themselves and their causes, as applicable; history, clinical features and investigations leading to particular diagnosis. There are 23 Sections with 195 Chapters totally. The chapters apart from the regular text are pertinently supported by explanatory tables and illustrations in the form of figures including algorithms. Important references for Further Reading also have been incorporated. The chapters are contributed by the experts in their respective fields from all over India. The information has been presented lucidly and in a reader-friendly manner.
The book will be a boon for the pediatricians to guide them in day-to-day practice as well as for the pediatric residents.

Table of Contents

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Section 1: Developmental Disorders
Section 2: Genetics
Section 3: Inborn Errors of Metabolism/Storage Disorders
Section 4: Neonatology
Section 5: Infectious Diseases/Immunization
Section 6: Nutrition
Section 7: Cardiovascular System
Section 8: Pulmonology
Section 9: Gastroenterology
Section 10: Nephrology/Urogenital
Section 11: Hematology
Section 12: Neurology
Section 13: Endocrinology
Section 14: Critical Care
Section 15: Emergency Medicine
Section 16: Rheumatology
Section 17: Dermatology
Section 18: Ophthalmology
Section 19: Otorhinolaryngology
Section 20: Surgery
Section 21: Orthopedics
Section 22: Dental
Section 23: Miscellaneous