Master Techniques in Ophthalmic Surgery

Frederick Hampton Roy

Master Techniques: Ophthalmic Surgery covers all topics related to ophthalmic surgery in 149 chapters. This comprehensive book includes significant sections on various structures of the visual system, covering anterior chamber, choroid, conjunctiva, cornea, globe, iris and ciliary body, lacrimal system, lens, optical nerve, orbit, sclera and vitreous. The most extensive sections of this book concern the extraocular muscles, eyelids and retina, providing detailed information on multidisciplinary aspects. It  is an essential reference for all practitioners, providing diagnoses and indications for surgery, surgical techniques, outcomes and references for a variety of ophthalmic conditions.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Cyclodialysis Cleft in Anterior Chamber Area
Chapter 2: Epithelial Downgrowth
Chapter 3: Foreign Body of Anterior Chamber
Chapter 4: Intraocular Epithelial Cysts
Chapter 5: Postoperative Flat or Shallow Anterior Chamber
Chapter 6: Angioid Streaks
Chapter 7: Choroidal Detachment
Chapter 8: Choroidal Neovascular Membranes
Chapter 9: Expulsive Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage
Chapter 10: Posterior Uveal Melanoma
Chapter 11: Conjunctival Lacerations
Chapter 12: Conjunctival and Corneal Melanotic Lesions
Chapter 13: Pterygium
Chapter 14: Band Keratopathy
Chapter 15: Bullous Keratopathy in Pseudophakia
Chapter 16: Chemical and Thermal Burns of the Ocular Surface
Chapter 17: Conjunctival and Corneal Intraepithelial Neoplasia
Chapter 18: Corneal Laceration or Perforation
Chapter 19: Corneal Cysts
Chapter 20: Descemet's Membrane Detachment
Chapter 21: Keratoconus
Chapter 22: Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
Chapter 23: Recurrent Corneal Erosion
Chapter 24: White Cornea
Chapter 25: Anterior Stromal Opacity
Chapter 26: Abducens (Sixth Nerve) Paralysis
Chapter 27: Acquired Nonaccommodative Esotropia
Chapter 28: A-Pattern Esotropia
Chapter 29: A-Pattern Exotropia
Chapter 30: Basic Exotropia
Chapter 31: Brown's Syndrome
Chapter 32: Congenital Fibrosis of the Extraocular Muscles
Chapter 33: Convergence Insufficiency
Chapter 34: Dissociated Vertical Deviation
Chapter 35: Double Elevator Palsy
Chapter 36: Duane's Retraction Syndrome
Chapter 37: Congenital ‘Essential’ Infantile Esotropia
Chapter 38: Intermittent Exotropia
Chapter 39: Nystagmus
Chapter 40: Oculomotor (Third-Nerve) Paralysis
Chapter 41: Restrictive Strabismus
Chapter 42: Superior Oblique Myokymia
Chapter 43: Superior Oblique Palsy
Chapter 44: V-Pattern Esotropia
Chapter 45: V-Pattern Exotropia
Chapter 46: Ankyloblepharon
Chapter 47: Blepharophimosis
Chapter 48: Chalazion
Chapter 49: Dermatochalasis
Chapter 50: Ectropion
Chapter 51: Entropion
Chapter 52: Epicanthus
Chapter 53: Everted Punctum
Chapter 54: Eyelid Coloboma
Chapter 55: Floppy Eyelid Syndrome
Chapter 56: Lagophthalmos
Chapter 57: Lid Lacerations and Avulsions
Chapter 58: Lid Retraction
Chapter 59: Lid Tumors
Chapter 60: Madarosis
Chapter 61: Marcus Gunn Jaw-Winking Syndrome
Chapter 62: Melanocytic Lesions of the Eyelids
Chapter 63: Orbital Fat Herniation
Chapter 64: Ptosis
Chapter 65: Kohn-Romano Syndrome (Blepharophimosis Syndrome)
Chapter 66: Symblepharon
Chapter 67: Trichiasis
Chapter 68: Xanthelasma
Chapter 69: Anophthalmos
Chapter 70: Combined Anterior and Posterior Segment Trauma
Chapter 71: Blind-Painful Eye
Chapter 72: Endophthalmitis
Chapter 73: Global Traumatic Rupture
Chapter 74: Severe Ocular Surface Trauma
Chapter 75: Encapsulated Filtering Bleb
Chapter 76: Childhood Glaucoma
Chapter 77: Primary and Secondary Closed-Angle Glaucoma
Chapter 78: Primary and Secondary Open-Angle Glaucoma
Chapter 79: Elevated Intraocular Pressure after Filtering Surgery
Chapter 80: Cataract in the Glaucomatous Eye
Chapter 81: Glaucoma Surgery with Fugo Blade
Chapter 82: Iris Cysts
Chapter 83: Iris Laceration and Iridodialysis
Chapter 84: Iris Melanoma
Chapter 85: Iris Prolapse
Chapter 86: Intermediate Uveitis/Pars Planitis
Chapter 87: Rubeosis Iridis
Chapter 88: Irregular Pupil
Chapter 89: Congenital Lacrimal System Anomalies
Chapter 90: Dacryoadenitis
Chapter 91: Dacryocystitis
Chapter 92: Dacryolith
Chapter 93: Lacrimal Gland Tumors
Chapter 94: Lacrimal Hypersecretion
Chapter 95: Lacrimal Hyposecretion
Chapter 96: Lacrimal Laceration
Chapter 97: Adult Cataracts and Planned Extracapsular Cataract Surgery with Manual Expression of the Lens Nucleus
Chapter 98: Posterior Capsular Opacification after Cataract Surgery
Chapter 99: Congenital and Infantile Cataracts
Chapter 100: Dislocation of the Lens
Chapter 101: Dislocation of Intraocular Lenses
Chapter 102: Foreign Body of the Lens
Chapter 103: Microincision Cataract Surgery Technique
Chapter 104: Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery
Chapter 105: Optic Nerve Pit Maculopathy
Chapter 106: Optic Nerve Sheath Hematoma
Chapter 107: Papilledema
Chapter 108: Giant Cell (Temporal) Arteritis
Chapter 109: Enophthalmos
Chapter 110: External Orbital Fracture
Chapter 111: Internal Orbital Fracture
Chapter 112: Preseptal and Orbital Infectious Disease
Chapter 113: Intraorbital Foreign Body
Chapter 114: Orbital Graves’ Disease
Chapter 115: Orbital Hemorrhage
Chapter 116: Orbital Tumor
Chapter 117: Pseudotumor Cerebr
Chapter 118: The Surgical Correction of Astigmatism
Chapter 119: Hyperopia and Myopia
Chapter 120: Myopia (Posterior Segment)
Chapter 121: Presbyopia
Chapter 122: Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Chapter 123: Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion
Chapter 124: Central Serous Chorioretinopathy
Chapter 125: Coats' Disease
Chapter 126: Cystoid Macular Edema
Chapter 127: Diabetic Retinopathy
Chapter 128: Diffuse Unilateral Subacute Neuroretinitis
Chapter 129: Eales Disease
Chapter 130: Giant Retinal Tears
Chapter 131: Idiopathic Macular Hole
Chapter 132: Macular Pucker
Chapter 133: Peripheral Retinal Breaks and Degeneration
Chapter 134: Retinal Tears
Chapter 135: Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment
Chapter 136: Retinal Vein Obstruction
Chapter 137: Retinoblastoma
Chapter 138: Retinopathy of Prematurity
Chapter 139: Retinoschisis
Chapter 140: Subretinal Neovascularization
Chapter 141: Scleral Laceration
Chapter 142: Anterior Scleral Staphyloma
Chapter 143: Scleritis
Chapter 144: Scleromalacia Perforans
Chapter 145: Intraocular Foreign Body in the Posterior Segment
Chapter 146: Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous
Chapter 147: Vitreous Hemorrhage
Chapter 148: Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
Chapter 149: Vitreous Wick Syndrome