Epilepsy in Special Population: Clinical Pearls

Rajiv Anand, Deepak Arjundas

Key Features

  • The handbook collates key evidence for managing epilepsy in daily practice, in various practical scenarios.
  • The distinguishing aspect of the book is presence of “Clinical Pearls” across the book to aid practice of busy practitioners.
  • The book provides tips and tricks to manage epilepsy patients across various scenarios, i.e., in children, elderly, adolescents, in women, in patients with comorbid HIV or post-trauma, or managing status epilepticus.
  • The book is put together by key neurologists across the country and lead by two eminent neurologist, i.e., Dr Rajiv Anand and Dr Deepak Arjundas.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Seizures in Neonates and Children
Chapter 2: Adolescence and Epilepsy
Chapter 3: Epilepsy in Women
Chapter 4: Epilepsy in the Elderly
Chapter 5: Management of Seizures in the HIV Patient
Chapter 6: Management of Status Epilepticus
Chapter 7: Management of Post-traumatic Epilepsy