Essential Orthopedics: Principles and Practice - 2nd Edition - Volume 1 and 2

Manish Kumar Varshney

Salient Features

  • The textbook elucidates in detail most basic definitions and concepts describing the recent advancements in the understanding and management of elective orthopedic conditions. Primer for orthopedic trauma has also been included in 2nd edition as annexures that describes nearly all of the commonly encountered fractures.
  • Students would benefit by the lucid text that covers most of the questions asked in the postgraduate theoretical examination papers which are otherwise difficult to find in currently available books on the subject.
  • Difficult and advanced concepts are mentioned in points so that students have a fair idea of such modalities and concepts, but are not overburdened by their details that are unnecessary for postgraduate orthopedic trainees and are of use to specialized practice only.
  • Attempt has been made to dwell in detail the basic science in orthopedics that is often missing from dedicated texts.
  • Further these concepts are deliberated in sections divided in body regions so that correlation could be established.
  • Nearly all the concepts are described by relevant and beautiful illustrations (more than 2200) so that the concept can be quickly grasped and remembered for long.


Manish Kumar Varshney MS (AIIMS) DNB (Orth) MNAMS MRCS (Glasgow) is a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon working with Narayana Group currently at Shri Mata Vaishnodevi Narayana Superspecialty Hospital, Katra, Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir, with more than 13 years' experience in the field. He has been trained in the field in one of the best institutes in the country and has assimilated the teachings in the form of small compendium "Practical Orthopedic Examination Made Easy" that had been one of the most read-out texts in orthopedics in the country and admired by postgraduate students in orthopedics. He has been forerunner in guiding the postgraduate students for their thesis, grasping the principles of orthopedics and rendering utmost help in examinations, wherever he has worked and even far away.

He has been a faculty in teaching courses organized by "Association for Osteosynthesis (AO)" foundation to help students understand and grasp the principles of trauma surgery. He is an avid researcher and always supported in deciphering correct, true and scientific knowledge. To this end, he has more than 40 national and international research publications. He is a reviewer for many national and international journals. He has presented many research works in national and international conferences and chaired sessions in regional conferences and postgraduate teaching sessions. He is also a local examiner for National Board of Examinations (NBE), New Delhi, India. His research work has been acclaimed internationally, and he received the prestigious "Paul R Manske Award" [conferred by American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH)] for best paper in congenital deficiencies of upper extremity in the year 2013. He also received the "SS Yadav Gold Medal" for his research in aneurysmal bone cysts that has been cited by many authors doing research in the field.


Includes Volume 1 and 2

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Structure and Function of Bones and Joints
Chapter 2: Fracture Repair, Bone Grafting and Bone Banking
Chapter 3: Metabolic Diseases of Bone
Chapter 4: Infections of Bone (Typical and Atypical and their Management), Actinomycosis, Mycetoma, Surgical Site Infection
Chapter 5: Bone Tumors, Common Soft Tissue Tumors and Heterotopic Ossification
Chapter 6: Osteonecrosis and Osteochondrosis
Chapter 7: Classification of Joints
Chapter 8: Synovial Joint: Anatomy and Physiology
Chapter 9: Disorders of Synovium
Chapter 10: Articular Cartilage: Structure, Function, Injury and Management
Chapter 11: Joint Disorders Including Inflammatory and Noninflammatory Arthritis and Infective Arthritides (Including Mycobacterial Infection and Prosthetic Joint Infection)
Chapter 12: Biostatistics, Ethics and Research Methods
Chapter 13: Biomechanics in Orthopedics: General Principles
Chapter 14: Gait
Chapter 15: Nonunion of Long Bones
Chapter 16: Compartment Syndrome
Chapter 17: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Chapter 18: Deep Vein Thrombosis
Chapter 19: Fat Embolism Syndrome
Chapter 20: Neurogenic Bladder
Chapter 21: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Chapter 22: Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
Chapter 23: Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome [Multiple Organ Failure (MOF) and Multisystem Organ Failure (MSOF)]
Chapter 24: Transfusion Medicine
Chapter 25: Shock
Chapter 26: Congenital, Genetic, Syndromic and Miscellaneous Disorders
Chapter 27: Poliomyelitis
Chapter 28: Cerebral Palsy
Chapter 29: Anomalies of Pediatric Lower Limb
Chapter 30: Anomalies of Pediatric Upper Limb
Chapter 31: Clubfoot—Congenital Talipes Equinovarus
Chapter 32: Dysplastic Development of Hip [Developmental Dysplasia of Hip (DDH), Congenital Dysplasia of Hip, Congenital Dislocation of Hip (CDH)]
Chapter 33: Perthes Disease
Chapter 34: Sports Medicine: Knee
Chapter 35: Sports Medicine: Foot, Ankle and Leg
Chapter 36: Sports Medicine: Hip and Thigh
Chapter 37: Sports Medicine: Elbow
Chapter 38: Sports Medicine: Hand Injuries
Chapter 39: Head Injuries in Sports
Chapter 40: Doping (Drugs and Legal Aspects)
Chapter 41: Skeletal Muscle: Structure and Function
Chapter 42: Shoulder—Functional Anatomy
Chapter 43: Biomechanics of Shoulder Joint
Chapter 44: History and Clinical Examination
Chapter 45: Investigations
Chapter 46: Rotator Cuff Disease
Chapter 47: Shoulder Instability
Chapter 48: Calcific Tendinopathy
Chapter 49: Lesions of Biceps Tendon
Chapter 50: Atraumatic Osteolysis of the Distal Clavicle (Idiopathic Clavicle Osteolysis, Wrestlers Syndrome, Weightlifters Shoulder)
Chapter 51: The Stiff Shoulder
Chapter 52: Hemorrhagic Shoulder (Milwaukee Shoulder, L'epaule Senile Hemorragique)
Chapter 53: Osteoarthritis of Shoulder Joint
Chapter 54: Scapular Instability
Chapter 55: Suprascapular Nerve Syndrome
Chapter 56: Tuberculosis of Shoulder Joint
Chapter 57: Surgical and Functional Anatomy
Chapter 58: Surgical Approaches to Hip Joint
Chapter 59: Biomechanics of Hip Joint
Chapter 60: Tribology and Bearing Surfaces for Hip (Including Ceramics)
Chapter 61: Polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA, Plexigas, Bone Cement, Acrylic Bone Cement)
Chapter 62: Osteoarthritis of Hip Joint
Chapter 63: Protrusio Acetabuli [Otto-Chrobak Pelvis, Otto Pelvis, Arthrokatadysis (Greek—Subsidence of Joint), Osteoarthritis Deformans, Osteoarthritic Protrusion of the Acetabulum]
Chapter 64: Transient Synovitis of Hip (Transitory Coxitis, Acute Transient Epiphysitis, Coxitis Fugax, Coxitis Serosa Seu Simplex, Phantom Hip Disease, Toxic Synovitis, and Observation Hip)
Chapter 65: Osteotomies Around the Hip Joint
Chapter 66: Total Hip Replacement Arthroplasty (Rationale, Design, Complications and Revision)
Chapter 67: Intertrochanteric Resection Osteotomy/Arthroplasty of Girdlestone (and its Modifications)
Chapter 68: Hip Arthrodesis
Chapter 69: Surgical Dislocation of the Hip (Ganz Surgical Dislocation of Hip, Open Dislocation of Hip)
Chapter 70: Anatomy of Ankle and Foot
Chapter 71: Biomechanics of the Foot and Ankle Joint and Related Examination
Chapter 72: Arches of the Foot
Chapter 73: Examination of the Foot and Ankle
Chapter 74: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Chapter 75: Ligament Injuries Around Ankle
Chapter 76: Rheumatoid Affection of Foot, Diabetic Foot Disease, and Neuropathic (Charcot's) Foot
Chapter 77: Deformities of the Hallux
Chapter 78: Acquired Flatfoot (Pes Planus) and Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
Chapter 79: Pes Cavus and Accompanying Deformities
Chapter 80: Hindfoot Deformities and Plantar Heel Pain
Chapter 81: Foot Drop
Chapter 82: Avascular Necrosis of the Metatarsal Head (Freiberg's Disease)
Chapter 83: Tendo-Achilles Rupture
Chapter 84: Morton's Metatarsalgia (Morton Toe, Interdigital Neuroma)
Chapter 85: Anatomy of the Spine and Spinal Cord
Chapter 86: Low Back Pain and Intervertebral Disk Degeneration
Chapter 87: Interventional Techniques for Diagnosis and Treatment of Back Pain
Chapter 88: Lumbar Disk Herniation and Spinal Stenosis
Chapter 89: Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
Chapter 90: Deformities of Spine
Chapter 91: Lumbar Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis
Chapter 92: Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH, Forestier Disease, Ankylosing Hyperostosis, Generalized Juxta-articular Ossification of Vertebral Ligaments, and Spondylosis Hyperostotica)
Chapter 93: Rheumatoid Affection of Spine
Chapter 94: Vertebral Discitis and Osteomyelitis and Other Spinal Infections
Chapter 95: Spinal Cord Injury
Chapter 96: Spinal Dysraphism (Spina Bifida, Myelocele, Meningomyelocele, Diastematomyelia, Tethered Cord Syndrome)
Chapter 97: Vertebra Plana, Balloon Kyphoplasty and CT-guided Biopsy
Chapter 98: Elbow Anatomy and Biomechanics
Chapter 99: Tendon Disorders of Elbow
Chapter 100: Elbow Instability
Chapter 101: Stiff Elbow
Chapter 102: Hand Anatomy and Function
Chapter 103: Carpal Instability
Chapter 104: Common Miscellaneous Conditions of Hand
Chapter 105: Distal Radioulnar Joint Disorders and Ulnar Wrist Pain
Chapter 106: Volkmann Ischemic Contracture
Chapter 107: Compressive and Entrapment Neuropathies of Upper Limb
Chapter 108: Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Chapter 109: Rheumatoid Hand
Chapter 110: Infections of the Hand
Chapter 111: Tendon Injuries of Hand and Management
Chapter 112: Amputations and Rehabilitation
Chapter 113: Biomaterials in Orthopedics
Chapter 114: Pain Management in Orthopedic Patient
Chapter 115: Necrotizing Fasciitis
Chapter 116: Robotics and Computers in Orthopedics
Chapter 117: Gene Therapy in Orthopedics
Chapter 118: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Chapter 119: Wound Ballistics
Chapter 120: Polytrauma, Mass Casualties and Disaster
Chapter 121: Tourniquet in Orthopedics
Chapter 122: Replantation
Chapter 123: Role of Isotope Bone Scan and PET Scan in Orthopedics
Chapter 124: Lasers in Orthopedics
Chapter 125: Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Orthopedics
Chapter 126: Role of Ultrasonography in Orthopedics
Chapter 127: Instruments and Implants
Chapter 128: History of Orthopedics
Chapter 129: Wound Healing and Principles of Wound Care
Chapter 130: Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research in Orthopedics
Chapter 131: Three-dimensional Printing and Its Application in Orthopedics
Chapter 132: Emerging Terms and Concepts in Orthopedics
Chapter 133: Impact of Obesity and the Role of Bariatric Surgery in Lower Limb Joint Arthroplasty