Hardikar’s Orthopaedic Operations Text and Atlas

Sharad M Hardikar, Shrinivas S Shintre, Vijay M Panchanadikar

This will be a unique book for junior and senior Orthopaedic Surgeons. It should be part of library of every practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon. This book covers all common orthopaedic operations in all subspecialties of orthopaedics. Each procedure has serial photographs of the operations starting with trolley, position of patient, till closure of the wound. There will be step-by-step description of the procedure corresponding to the photographs. Each operation will have brief relevant text and possible complications. Each chapter will have important suggested further readings at the end. 


The purpose of the book is that any Orthopaedic Surgeon should be able to do the operation by looking at the serial photographs. Some of the procedures in the book will require assistance of an expert.


It is proposed that the entire book and some extra operations will be available online also.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Osteotomies for Clubfoot Correction
Chapter 2: Congenital Muscular Torticollis: Unipolar, Bipolar Sternocleidomastoid Muscle Release
Chapter 3: External Stabilization System for Clubfoot
Chapter 4: Septic Hip Drainage
Chapter 5: Supracondylar Humerus Fractures Pinning
Chapter 6: Lateral Condylar Humerus Fracture Pinning
Chapter 7: Dome Osteotomy for Cubitus Varus
Chapter 8: Corrective Osteotomy for Cubitus Varus
Chapter 9: Forearm Nailing
Chapter 10: Pediatric Fracture Neck Femur
Chapter 11: Anterior Cruciate Reconstruction
Chapter 12: Arthroscopic Fixation for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Avulsion Fracture
Chapter 13: Arthroscopic Meniscectomy
Chapter 14: Open Fixation for Posterior Cruciate Ligament Avulsion
Chapter 15: Management of Chondral Defects of the Knee
Chapter 16: Surgery for Medial Knee Instability: Repair to Reconstruction
Chapter 17: Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction of Knee Joint
Chapter 18: Arthroscopic Bankart Repair
Chapter 19: Open Latarjet Procedure
Chapter 20: Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
Chapter 21: Cervical Laminectomy
Chapter 22: Anterior Cervical Fixation and Fusion with Plate and Cage
Chapter 23: Transthoracic Approach for Thoracic Spinal Tuberculosis
Chapter 24: Thoracolumbar Fractures: Posterior Surgical Technique
Chapter 25: Vertebroplasty for Osteoporotic Fractures
Chapter 26: Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy
Chapter 27: Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion by Minimally Invasive Surgery Technique
Chapter 28: Lumbar Spine Fixation by Open Method
Chapter 29: Spinal Extradural Tumor
Chapter 30: Cervical Interlaminar Epidural Steroid Injection
Chapter 31: Lumbar Root Block
Chapter 32: Flexor Tendon Injury
Chapter 33: Scaphoid Fractures Screw Fixation for Delayed Union
Chapter 34: Mallet Finger Repair
Chapter 35: Ganglion Excision
Chapter 36: De Quervains Disease Surgical Release
Chapter 37: Trigger Finger Surgical Release
Chapter 38: Radius Shortening in Kienbock's Disease
Chapter 39: Volar Barton Fracture Buttress Plate Fixation
Chapter 40: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgical Release
Chapter 41: Correction of Finger Contracture by Z-Plasty
Chapter 42: Scaphoid Nonunion: Screw Fixation and Bone Grafting
Chapter 43: Epibasal Thumb Fracture/Pseudo-Bennett Fracture: Plate Fixation
Chapter 44: Malunited Finger Proximal Phalanx Corrective Osteotomy and Fixation
Chapter 45: Ulnar Nerve Decompression
Chapter 46: Radial Tunnel Syndrome Decompression
Chapter 47: Excision of Soft Tissue Swelling of Thumb
Chapter 48: Fracture Neck of 5th Metacarpal K Wire Fixation
Chapter 49: Glomus Tumor
Chapter 50: Thenar Flap
Chapter 51: Perilunate Dislocation
Chapter 52: Primary Total Knee Replacement with Quadriceps Splitting Approach
Chapter 53: Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty
Chapter 54: Primary Uncemented Total Hip Replacement with Mini Posterior Approach
Chapter 55: Total Hip Replacement with Anterolateral Approach
Chapter 56: Radial Head Replacement for Fracture Head Radius
Chapter 57: Megaprosthetic Total Knee Replacement
Chapter 58: Modified Direct Lateral Approach to Hip
Chapter 59: Medial Malleolar Fracture Fixation
Chapter 60: Achilles Tendon Rupture Repair
Chapter 61: Fracture of Neck of Talus: Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
Chapter 62: Nonunion Fracture Neck of Talus, Pantalar Fusion using External Fixator
Chapter 63: Fracture Calcaneum Reduction and Fixation
Chapter 64: Metatarsal Fractures Fixation
Chapter 65: Diabetic Foot: Midfoot Amputation
Chapter 66: Nonunion of Fracture Clavicle: Plate Fixation and Bone Grafting
Chapter 67: Nonunion Patella Fixation by Tension Band Wiring and Bone Grafting
Chapter 68: Nonunion Tibia-Fixation and Bone Grafting
Chapter 69: Bone Graft Harvesting
Chapter 70: Brodie's Abscess Decompression
Chapter 71: Sequestrectomy and Saucerization for Chronic Osteomyelitis
Chapter 72: Metaphyseal Drill Hole for Acute Osteomyelitis
Chapter 73: Valgus Intertrochanteric Osteotomy
Chapter 74: High Tibial Osteotomy for Varus Deformity
Chapter 75: Proximal Fibular Osteotomy for Knee Osteoarthritis
Chapter 76: Titanium Elastic Nail Removal from Tibia
Chapter 77: Open Repair of Rotator Cuff Tear
Chapter 78: Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture Repair
Chapter 79: Core Decompression for Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head
Chapter 80: Compression Arthrodesis of Ankle
Chapter 81: Fracture Clavicle: Plate Fixation Middle Third/Distal Third
Chapter 82: Fracture Greater Tuberosity Fixation with Nonabsorbable Suture
Chapter 83: Fracture Proximal Humerus Fixation
Chapter 84: Fracture Proximal Humerus: Hemireplacement
Chapter 85: Fracture Shaft Humerus: Interlocked Nailing
Chapter 86: Fracture Shaft Humerus: Dynamic Compression Plate Anterolateral Approach
Chapter 87: Fracture Shaft Humerus: Dynamic Compression Plate by Posterior Approach
Chapter 88: Periprosthetic Fracture Fixation of Humerus by Dynamic Compression Plate
Chapter 89: Fracture Distal Humerus in Adults (Supracondylar-Intercondylar)
Chapter 90: Fracture Neck Radius: Fixation with Mini-Fragment T-plate
Chapter 91: Fracture Olecranon Fixation by Olecranon Plate
Chapter 92: Monteggia Fracture Fixation with Dynamic Compression Plate
Chapter 93: Radius Ulna Midshaft Fracture Fixation with Dynamic Compression Plate
Chapter 94: Galeazzi Fracture Fixation with Dynamic Compression Plate
Chapter 95: Fracture Distal End Radius Fixation by External Fixator
Chapter 96: External Fixator Application for Pubic Diastasis
Chapter 97: Pubic Symphysis Plate Fixation
Chapter 98: Sacroiliac Screw Fixation
Chapter 99: Anterior Column Fixation with Reconstruction Plate
Chapter 100: Posterior Column Fixation with Reconstruction Plate
Chapter 101: Fracture Neck of Femur Cannulated Cancellous Screw Fixation
Chapter 102: Fracture Neck of Femur Bipolar Hip Replacement
Chapter 103: Intertrochanteric Fracture Femur: Dynamic Hip Screw Barrel Plate Fixation
Chapter 104: Intertrochanteric Fracture Femur: Proximal Femur Nail Fixation
Chapter 105: Subtrochanteric Fracture Femur: Proximal Femur Nail Fixation
Chapter 106: Subtrochanteric Fracture Femur: Proximal Femur Plate Fixation
Chapter 107: Fracture Shaft Femur: Interlocking Nail Fixation
Chapter 108: Supracondylar Fracture Femur: Locked Plate Fixation
Chapter 109: Hoffa Fracture: Buttress Plate Fixation
Chapter 110: Fracture Patella Fixation by Tension Band Wiring
Chapter 111: Fracture Proximal Tibia Fixation
Chapter 112: Fracture Shaft Tibia Interlocking Nail Fixation
Chapter 113: External Fixator Application for Open Tibia Fractures
Chapter 114: Fracture Distal Tibia: Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis
Chapter 115: Exostosis Excision
Chapter 116: Excision of Soft-tissue Tumors
Chapter 117: Bone Cyst of Neck Femur: Curettage and Fixation
Chapter 118: Aneurysmal Bone Cyst
Chapter 119: Excision of Recurrent Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis
Chapter 120: Split Thickness Skin Graft
Chapter 121: Cross-finger Flap
Chapter 122: Lower Extremity Reconstruction: A Holistic, Joint Approach