IAP Textbook of Vaccines

Editor-in-Chief: Vipin M Vashishtha

Salient Features

  • A comprehensive textbook on vaccines and immunization practices from Indian Academy of Pediatrics
  • Around 80 state-of-the-art chapters on basic and advanced vaccinology
  • Authored by more than 80 national and international experts of repute
  • Five sections covering comprehensively all the facets of contemporary vaccinology from general aspects of vaccination to vaccines in development and new vaccine strategies
  • Provides in-depth information to the professionals working in the field of vaccination in India and neighboring south central and south eastern Asian countries
  • Special emphasis to disease epidemiology and vaccine needs of India and neighboring countries
  • A reference material for international health agencies, vaccine developers, national immunization program managers, vaccine-funding agencies, etc.
  • Special foreword by legendary, Dr Stanley A Plotkin, the father of modern vaccinology.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: History of Vaccines
Chapter 2: Vaccination in India: Past, Present, and Future
Chapter 3: Vaccine Immunology
Chapter 4: Immunological Correlates of Protection Induced by Vaccines
Chapter 5: Epidemiology in Relation to Vaccinology
Chapter 6: Vaccine-preventable Diseases Surveillance
Chapter 7: General Recommendations on Immunization
Chapter 8: Scheduling of Vaccines
Chapter 9: Mucosal Immunity: Implications for Vaccine Development
Chapter 10: Mucosal Immunity to Poliovirus
Chapter 11: Herd Immunity and Herd Protection
Chapter 12: Adverse Events Following Immunization
Chapter 13: Cold Chain and Vaccine Storage
Chapter 14: Vaccine Safety and Misinformation about Vaccination
Chapter 15: New Methods in Vaccine Communications
Chapter 16: Vaccine Hesitancy
Chapter 17: Disease Elimination and Eradication
Chapter 18: Adjuvants
Chapter 19: Tuberculosis Vaccines
Chapter 20: Poliovirus Vaccine: Inactivated
Chapter 21: Poliovirus Vaccine: Live Oral
Chapter 22: Hepatitis B Vaccine
Chapter 23: Diphtheria
Chapter 24: Tetanus
Chapter 25: Pertussis Vaccines
Chapter 26: Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis Vaccine
Chapter 27: Haemophilus influenzae Type B Vaccines
Chapter 28: Pneumococcal Vaccines
Chapter 29: Rotavirus Vaccines
Chapter 30: Measles Vaccines
Chapter 31: Rubella Vaccine
Chapter 32: Measles and Rubella Initiative
Chapter 33: Mumps Vaccines
Chapter 34: Hepatitis A Vaccines
Chapter 35: Typhoid Fever Vaccines
Chapter 36: Varicella Zoster Vaccine
Chapter 37: Zoster Vaccines
Chapter 38: Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
Chapter 39: Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Vaccines
Chapter 40: Meningococcal Vaccine
Chapter 41: Japanese Encephalitis Vaccines
Chapter 42: Rabies Vaccines
Chapter 43: Cholera Vaccines
Chapter 44: Yellow Fever Vaccine
Chapter 45: Vaccines against Dengue
Chapter 46: Malaria Vaccines
Chapter 47: Ebola Vaccine
Chapter 48: Combination Vaccines
Chapter 49: Therapeutic Vaccines
Chapter 50: Enterovirus Vaccines (Especially EV71)
Chapter 51: Vaccines against Diarrheal Diseases
Chapter 52: Epstein-Barr Virus Vaccines
Chapter 53: Hepatitis C Vaccines
Chapter 54: Hepatitis E Vaccines
Chapter 55: Cytomegalovirus Vaccines
Chapter 56: Human Immunodeficiency Virus Vaccine
Chapter 57: Chikungunya Vaccine
Chapter 58: Zika Virus Vaccine
Chapter 59: Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Chapter 60: Parainfluenza Virus Vaccines
Chapter 61: New Technologies in Vaccine Development
Chapter 62: Alternative Vaccine Delivery Methods
Chapter 63: Immunization in Special Situations
Chapter 64: Immunization of Immunocompromised Children
Chapter 65: Adolescent Immunization
Chapter 66: Maternal Immunization: Global Perspectives
Chapter 67: Vaccines for Healthcare Professionals
Chapter 68: Vaccination Strategies for Travelers
Chapter 69: National Vaccine Policy of India: Trials and Regulations
Chapter 70: Vaccine Industry and Manufacturing of Vaccines
Chapter 71: Issues Related to Immunization in Developing Countries
Chapter 72: Introduction of a New Vaccine into an Immunization Program
Chapter 73: Value of Vaccination in India: Past, Present, and Future Prospects
Chapter 74: National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization and National Regulatory Authority in Vaccination Programs and Practices
Chapter 75: Legal Issues Related to Vaccinology Today
Chapter 76: Ethical Issues in Immunization
Chapter 77: Prioritizing Vaccines in Private Sector
Chapter 78: Websites Containing Reliable Information Regarding Immunization