Illustrated Textbook of PEDIATRICS

Indumathy Santhanam

Why 'one more book' on pediatrics?

  • Over the last 2 decades, medical information for the undergraduates has exponentially increased. All specialties have seen a mind-blowing increase in content and knowledge. The young medico is inundated with overwhelming information. What is important and what is not? What is needed for clinical management?
  • Many students find it a challenge to understand English. This book, tries to bridge the gap between concepts and understanding using simple language, attractive cartoons and a colorful layout.
  • It focusses on helping the young student to understand the "why and how?"
  • An added attraction is the history panel at the top of every chapter. It provides interesting facts about those who innovated and discovered major milestones in medical history.
  • The first book to include a chapter on Pediatric Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine.
  • A color atlas on how to perform neurological examination of an infant.
  • More than 650 clinical photographs.
  • An attempt has been made towards learning pediatrics a passion.


Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Growth and Development
Chapter 2: Nutrition and its Disorders
Chapter 3: Genetics
Chapter 4: Neonatology
Chapter 5: Gastroenterology
Chapter 6: Hepatology
Chapter 7: Respiratory System
Chapter 8: Cardiac Disorders
Chapter 9: Immunization
Chapter 10: Infectious Diseases
Chapter 11: Nephrology
Chapter 12: Pediatric Endocrinology
Chapter 13: Fluid and Electrolyte Disturbances
Chapter 14: Acid-Base Balance and its Disturbances
Chapter 15: Pediatric Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine
Chapter 16: Drug Overdose and Poisoning
Chapter 17: Common Procedures in Pediatric Practice
Chapter 18: National Health Programs for Children in India
Chapter 19: Pediatric Dermatology
Chapter 20: Joint and Bone Disorders
Chapter 21: Neurology
Chapter 22: Hematology and Oncology
Chapter 23: Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Chapter 24: Child Abuse and Child Protection