Interesting Cases in Hypertension: Useful Lessons on Management

Gurpreet S Wander

Interesting Cases in Hypertension: Useful Lessons on Management is a unique book covering around 50 cases scenarios specifically related to hypertension


  • The book has 230 MCQ's on hypertension from various case scenarios which have been divided into 9 Sections of various aspects of hypertension with different modes of presentation of patients
  • Each section of this book has been written by experts and professionals in their respective fields. Particular chapter in the book covers case scenario followed by a detailed discussion regarding the management and treatment strategies pertaining to that case; which is further followed by questions for self-assessment of doctors which can be accessed online
  • Several books have been published regarding hypertension but none of the books exclusively discuss the various case scenarios in hypertension; therefore, this book is one of its kind and will be extremely helpful to medical professionals and practitioners.

Table of Contents

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Section 1: Hypertension and Concomitant Risk Factors
Section 2: Hypertension - Types
Section 3: Interesting ECGs in Hypertension
Section 4: Issues in Diagnosis
Section 5: Hypertension in Pregnancy
Section 6: Hypertension and Renal Disorders
Section 7: Cerebrovascular Associations
Section 8: Secondary Hypertension Cases
Section 9: Cardiac Effects
Section 10: Hypertension with COVID-19