MCQs in Infectious Diseases for DM Students

Editors: Om Shrivastav, Yatin Mehta

Salient Features

  • Covers vast spectrum of infections in multiple specialties
  • Questions are structured to grasp the essence of clinical concepts
  • Answers are equipped with explanations and references to provide easy assimilation
  • Questions are ratified by peer-reviewed multiple practitioners before being approved for publishing
  • These questions will assess the clinician to prepare for national and international level entrance examinations
  • Questions are designed to help the practitioners and the postgraduate students alike.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Sepsis in 2020: Is it only Antibiotics?
Chapter 2: Gram-negative Crisis
Chapter 3: Emerging Fungal Infections in Non-neutropenic Patients
Chapter 4: Fungal Infections in Neutropenia
Chapter 5: Infection-related Malignancies
Chapter 6: Fever in Non-infection Settings
Chapter 7: Immune Dysfunction and Infections
Chapter 8: Approach to Cutaneous and Soft-tissue Infections
Chapter 9: Sexually Transmitted Infections
Chapter 10: Tuberculosis and Its Variants
Chapter 11: Central Nervous System Infections
Chapter 12: Respiratory Infections
Chapter 13: Genitourinary Tract Infections
Chapter 14: Bone and Joint Infections
Chapter 15: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Chapter 16: Infections of Liver
Chapter 17: Infections and Metabolic Sequelae
Chapter 18: Zoonosis
Chapter 19: Parasitic Infections
Chapter 20: Fever in the Returning Traveler
Chapter 21: Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
Chapter 22: Outbreaks
Chapter 23: Nosocomial Infections
Chapter 24: Hematological Disorders and Infections
Chapter 25: Infections in Renal Transplants
Chapter 26: Infections in Liver Transplants
Chapter 27: Infections in Bone Marrow Transplants
Chapter 28: Infections in the Eye
Chapter 29: Vector-borne Diseases
Chapter 30: Pregnancy and Gynecological Infections
Chapter 31: Imaging in Infectious Diseases
Chapter 32: COVID-19