Neurology and Internal Medicine: A Case-based Study

Ambar Chakravarty

Key Features

  • The present volume is perhaps the FIRST of its kind being published from India (and likely internationally in current times) looking at problems which lie in the interface of Neurology and Internal Medicine and discussing them in an interactive manner. Interactive way of learning is perhaps the most preferred and enjoyable way of learning (or revising) next only to bedside teaching or discussions.
  • A total of over 170 authentic cases have been discussed. The pattern of interactive approach might have been a little variable from case to case, but the aim had always been to provide a “step care” approach to diagnosis and management.
  • The Commentaries at the beginning of the book provide a “bird’s eye view” of some selected problems lying in the interface of Medicine and Neurology.
  • Contributors include renowned Neuroscientists from India and abroad.
  • This book is suitable for Neurologists of all categories, Physicians, Pediatricians, and trainees in Medicine, Neurology, and Pediatrics.

Table of Contents

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Section 1: Tropical and Infectious Diseases
Section 2: Neurological Disorders during Pregnancy and Following Operative Procedures
Section 3: Puzzling Strokes
Section 4: Neurohepatology and Unusual Posterior Leukoencephalopathies
Section 5: Neurohematology and Paraneoplastic Syndromes
Section 6: Movement Disorders
Section 7: Neuroimmunology
Section 8: Neuroendocrinology and Metabolic Disorders
Section 9: Neuromuscular Disorders
Section 10: Rage of the Angel—One Hundred Years Later!!
Section 11: Uncommon Headaches and Orofacial Pains for the Internist
Section 12: Unusual Neurocutaneous Syndromes