Non-Umbilical Laparoscopic Entry Ports

Nutan Jain

Salient Features

  • Rich contents
  • Pictorial description of surgical steps
  • More than 411 color photographs
  • Covers all established and newer procedures in general surgery and gynecology
  • Streaming videos from live surgeries.


This textbook is a comprehensive coverage of the laparoscopic entry techniques to make laparoscopic entry safer. A non-umbilical approach is strongly advocated to avoid entry related complications. This book highlights the use of non-umbilical approach in general surgery as well as in gynecology.  

The existing non-umbilical approaches do have certain contraindications such as big gastropancreatic masses, previous upper abdominal surgical scars, bloated stomach and splenomegaly. Jain point brings in a fresh idea which overcomes the limitations of Palmer’s point the first described blind entry port. Jain point is a practical, reproducible technique to make laparoscopic entry safer in various clinical situations in gynecology, urology and general surgery.

This book has seven sections detailing anatomy of abdominal wall, other entry ports, about the Jain point and its usage in diverse clinical situations, entry related complications and precautions.
Great care has been taken to add every possible application in gynecology by means of high resolution surgical pictures which explains every surgery in great detail. So, along with elaborating on entry technique we have described whole of the surgery in full detail. The reader goes through complete understanding of various procedures.

The text is further supplemented by streaming videos with audio narration, showing entry by outside pictures and videos, as well as the whole surgery. So, it makes a complete learning for gynecologists and general surgeons of entry technique with full surgeries as well. So, this book, fulfils the gap between existing literature and the need for a dedicated textbook and atlas focusing exclusively on non-umbilical entry techniques, the latest buzz in endoscopy world!! Having this book will make you richer in experience.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Surgical Anatomy of Anterior Abdominal Wall
Chapter 2: Overview of Laparoscopic Entry
Chapter 3: Palmer's Point
Chapter 4: Lee-Huang Point
Chapter 5: Hasson Open Entry Technique
Chapter 6: Nonumbilical Midline Entry: A Modified Hasson Technique
Chapter 7: Establishment of Pneumoperitoneum through the Left Ninth Intercostal Space
Chapter 8: Hazards of First Blind Port Umbilical Entry
Chapter 9: Limitations and Contraindications of Palmer's Point
Chapter 10: What is Jain Point: The Technique
Chapter 11: Evolution of Jain Point
Chapter 12: Rationale of Jain Point
Chapter 13: Ergonomics of Jain Point
Chapter 14: Role of Jain Point in Previous Surgery Cases
Chapter 15: Jain Point in Thin Patients
Chapter 16: Jain Point in Obese Patients
Chapter 17: Laparoscopic Entry in Large Pelvic Masses
Chapter 18: Jain Point in Genital Tuberculosis
Chapter 19: Jain Point in Upper Abdomen Scar
Chapter 20: Surgeries Deep in the Pelvis using Jain Point Pelvic Floor Repair
Chapter 21: Jain Point: Fellow's Experience
Chapter 22: Direct Trocar Entry through Jain Point
Chapter 23: Jain Point Port in Ventral Hernia Repair
Chapter 24: Jain Point in the Practice of General Surgery
Chapter 25: Entry-related Complications and their Management
Chapter 26: Extrocation