Orthopedics (A Postgraduate Companion)

(Col) Samar Kumar Biswas

Salient Features

  • Covers every topic region-wise like upper limb, lower limb and spine, etc. in detail, encompassing anatomy, pathophysiology, clinicoradiological presentation and management from basics to recent advances
  • Contains chapters on recent topics and newer modalities such as newbearing materials, stem cell, laser, HIV and PET scan, which are not covered in any other single textbook
  • In this edition, certain new topics such as, mechanobiology, metabolomics; procedures like arthroscopy and arthroplasty; important topics like management of associated chest and abdominal blunt and penetrating injuries in addition to musculoskeletal trauma in a motor vehicle accident victims; soft tissue coverage in orthopedics and scope and limitation of amputation, have been written by experts in those fields
  • Over 2,000 clinical photographs, line diagrams and illustrations are included for easy understanding
  • Every topic is covered in detail without being unduly lengthy or tiring
  • Text is written in lucid language and comprehensive in nature.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: History of Orthopedics
Chapter 2: Bone
Chapter 3: Anomalies Related to Development of Bones
Chapter 4: Genetic Disorders
Chapter 5: Metabolic Disorders
Chapter 6: Endocrine Disorders
Chapter 7: Blood Disorders
Chapter 8: Gouty Arthritis
Chapter 9: Degenerative and Inflammatory Disorders
Chapter 10: Infections in Orthopedics
Chapter 11: Bone Tumors
Chapter 12: Gait Analysis
Chapter 13: History of Orthopedics
Chapter 14: Deep Vein Thrombosis
Chapter 15: Fat Embolism Syndrome
Chapter 16: History of Orthopedics
Chapter 17: Peripheral Vascular Disease
Chapter 18: An Overview of Diabetes Mellitus
Chapter 19: Shock
Chapter 20: Gas Gangrene
Chapter 21: Head Injury
Chapter 22: Chest Trauma
Chapter 23: Abdominal Trauma
Chapter 24: Polytrauma and Management of Polytrauma Patient
Chapter 25: Soft Tissue Coverage in Orthopedics
Chapter 26: Amputation Surgery
Chapter 27: Hand and Wrist
Chapter 28: Elbow
Chapter 29: Shoulder
Chapter 30: Hip Joint
Chapter 31: Knee
Chapter 32: Foot and Ankle
Chapter 33: Spine
Chapter 34: Antibiotics in Orthopedics
Chapter 35: Isotopes and Bone Scan in Orthopedics
Chapter 36: Joint Replacement: Implant Bearing Surface Materials
Chapter 37: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Chapter 38: Introduction and Application of Positron Emission Tomography in Orthopedics
Chapter 39: Stem Cells
Chapter 40: Tumor Markers in Orthopedics
Chapter 41: Ultrasonography in Orthopedics
Chapter 42: Lasers in Orthopedics
Chapter 43: Computers in Orthopedics
Chapter 44: Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Orthopedics
Chapter 45: Mechanobiology in Orthopedics
Chapter 46: Three-Dimensional Bioprinting
Chapter 47: Metabolomics
Chapter 48: Arthroplasty Surgery
Chapter 49: Arthroscopy Surgery
Chapter 50: Arthrodesis
Chapter 51: Periprosthetic and Peri-Implant Fracture
Chapter 52: Limping Child: A Systemic Approach to Diagnosis
Chapter 53: Collagen and Intravenous Fluids