Review of Postgraduate Pathology: General Pathology

Ramadas Nayak, Rakshatha Nayak

Salient Features

  • Provides basic as well as advanced concepts of diseases required to be known by postgraduate students.
  • Provides knowledge of general pathology in a simple, lucid, easily understandable, and reproducible format.
  • The book is divided into three sections namely Basics of Pathology (Chapters 1 to 5), General Pathology (Chapters 6 to 14), and Immunopathology (Chapters 15 to 17).
  • Rapid review of book is assisted by providing key points in bold words.
  • Provided with usual questions asked in the theory examination in general pathology of both MD and DNB.
  • Text enhanced by illustrations, flowcharts, tables, gross photographs, photomicrographs, clinical photographs, and radiographs.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Cell as a Structural Unit
Chapter 2: Cellular Activation
Chapter 3: Maintaining Cell Populations
Chapter 4: Extracellular Matrix
Chapter 5: Basics of Genetics
Chapter 6: Introduction to Pathology
Chapter 7: Cell Injury, Cell Death, Adaptation and Intracellular Accumulations
Chapter 8: Inflammation and Healing
Chapter 9: Hemodynamic Disorders, Thromboembolism, and Shock
Chapter 10: Neoplasia
Chapter 11: Infections and Infestations
Chapter 12: Genetic Disorders and Molecular Diagnosis
Chapter 13: Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
Chapter 14: Environmental and Nutritional Diseases
Chapter 15: Normal Immune Response and Hypersensitivity
Chapter 16: Autoimmune Diseases and Rejection of Tissue Transplants
Chapter 17: Immunodeficiency Diseases and Amyloidosis