Surgical Oncology: Fundamentals, Evidence-based Approaches and New Technology

David L Bartlett, Pragatheeshwar Thirunavukarasu & Matthew D Neal

This book incorporates the basic tenets of surgical practice with the innovations of modern technology in an evidenced-based fashion. It serves as a guide for not only the surgeon-in-training but also for the practicing clinician who faces the challenge of summarizing the plethora of research in cancer therapy. The goal of this book is to create a resource that will present the opinions of experts in the field alongside an analytical and unbiased review of the evidence.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Surgical Oncology—Definition, History, Scope, Philosophy
Chapter 2: Multidisciplinary Approach
Chapter 3: Ethical Considerations in Surgical Oncology
Chapter 4: Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer
Chapter 5: Methods of Investigation of Cancer
Chapter 6: Principles of Pathology
Chapter 7: Diagnostic Imaging in Cancer
Chapter 8: Vascular Access and Infusion Pumps
Chapter 9: Endovascular Applications in Surgical Oncology
Chapter 10: Nutrition in Surgical Oncology
Chapter 11: Pain and Palliative Care in Surgical Oncology
Chapter 12: Principles of Surgical Therapy
Chapter 13: Principles of Chemotherapy
Chapter 14: Principles of Radiotherapy
Chapter 15: Principles of Biologic Therapy
Chapter 16: Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer
Chapter 17: Melanoma
Chapter 18: Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Chapter 19: Noninvasive and Benign Breast Tumors
Chapter 20: Invasive Breast Cancer
Chapter 21: Thyroid Cancer
Chapter 22: Parathyroid
Chapter 23: Adrenal Tumors
Chapter 24: Esophageal Cancer
Chapter 25: Gastric Cancer
Chapter 26: Small Bowel Cancer
Chapter 27: Colon Cancer
Chapter 28: Cancer of the Rectum and Anus
Chapter 29: Liver Cancer
Chapter 30: Gallbladder Cancer
Chapter 31: Bile Duct Cancer
Chapter 32: Endocrine Pancreas
Chapter 33: Pancreatic Cancer
Chapter 34: Splenectomy
Chapter 35: Gynecologic Oncology
Chapter 36: Leukemia and Lymphoma: The Role of the Surgical Oncologist
Chapter 37: Pediatric Surgical Oncology
Chapter 38: Surgical Emergencies
Chapter 39: Minimally Invasive Approaches in Surgical Oncology
Chapter 40: Robotic Surgery and Notes
Chapter 41: Surgical Management of Metastases