Symptom Oriented Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery: Otology and Pediatrics - Volume 3

Malcolm Giles

What is different about this publication is that it is a Patient-Based Approach rather than a Disease-Based Approach.

It may be summarized as "Otolaryngology in the Real World"; where patients present with a symptom, seeking a diagnosis rather than with a diagnosis already assigned.

The text covers all the likely presentations of a patient to an Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeon.

This book should be ideal for Residents in Training at a stage when they are learning their trade, as well as young Consultant Otolaryngologists embarking on their Specialist career. It also provides an excellent resource for the more mature solo practitioner, who is in solo practice without the ready availability of the collegial support.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Surgical Anatomy of the Ear
Chapter 2: Surgical Physiology of the Ear
Chapter 3: Examination of a Patient with Hearing Loss
Chapter 4: Audiological Testing
Chapter 5: The Examination of a Patient with Dizziness/Balance Problems
Chapter 6: Vestibular Testing of the Patient with Dizziness/Balance Problems
Chapter 7: Imaging of the Temporal Bone and Lateral Skull Base in Otology/Neurotology
Chapter 8: Introduction to Hearing Loss
Chapter 9: Sudden/Fluctuating Hearing Loss
Chapter 10: Bilateral Hearing Loss
Chapter 11: Unilateral or Asymmetrical Hearing Loss
Chapter 12: Rehabilitation of the Adult Patient with Hearing Loss
Chapter 13: Surgical Management of the Patient with Hearing Loss
Chapter 14: Tinnitus
Chapter 15: Aural Fullness
Chapter 16: Painful and Abnormal Ear
Chapter 17: Discharging Ear
Chapter 18: Unexplained Ear Pain
Chapter 19: Complications of Ear Disease
Chapter 20: Dizziness or Balance Disturbance
Chapter 21: Facial Palsy
Chapter 22: Trauma to the Ear
Chapter 23: Nasal Obstruction
Chapter 24: Nasal Discharge
Chapter 25: Epistaxis
Chapter 26: Hearing Loss
Chapter 27: Snoring Child with Possible Sleep Apnea
Chapter 28: Drooling in Children
Chapter 29: Hoarse Voice
Chapter 30: Progressive Hoarseness and Persistent Stridor
Chapter 31: The Child Who Chokes or Aspirates
Chapter 32: Awake Child with Stridor and Labored Breathing
Chapter 33: Tongue Tie
Chapter 34: Otitis Media with Effusion
Chapter 35: Acute Mastoiditis
Chapter 36: Neck Lump(s)