Tips and Tricks in Procedural Dermatology

Robert T Brodell

Tips and Tricks in Procedural Dermatology: Efficient and Effective Approaches to Achieving Optimal Diagnostic and Therapeutic Results

By Robert T Brodell, Stephen E Helms, Jeremy D Jackson, Michael T Cosulich, William Abramovits,
Ashish C Bhatia, Jennifer Schulmeier

This unique compendium of practical Tips and Tricks in Procedural Dermatology highlights techniques designed to enhance common dermatologic tests and surgeries. The goal of these innovations is to maximize outcomes by providing simple, quick, efficient, effective, almost "fail-safe" office surgeries that minimize expense and risk for the benefit of our patients.

Careful descriptions, clinical photographs and artistic renderings are utilized to demonstrate:

  • Optimal methods for performing common office dermatologic tests: potassium hydroxide, scabies, and Tzanck preparations
  • Proper choice of biopsy location
  • Improvements in routine surgical procedures including shave and punch biopsies, curettage, and suturing techniques
  • Techniques involving chemical destruction of appropriate lesions
  • Novel enhancements of complex procedures in dermatologic surgery including Mohs surgery, elliptical excisions, nail procedures, flaps and grafts
  • Cryotherapy and cryosurgery tips to improve outcomes
  • New approaches to light-based therapy including photodynamic therapy, vascular lesion laser, pigmented lesion laser, fractionated CO2, laser, and intense pulsed light (IPL) technologies.


Chapter 12, 15 and 16 have videos.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: The KOH Preparation
Chapter 2: The Scabies Preparation
Chapter 3: The Tzanck Preparation
Chapter 4: Biopsy Techniques in Dermatology: Maximizing Diagnostic Yield
Chapter 5: Shave and Saucerization Techniques
Chapter 6: Punch Biopsies and Other Uses for the Punch Tool
Chapter 7: Curettage
Chapter 8: Suturing
Chapter 9: Dichloroacetic Acid in Dermatology
Chapter 10: Mohs Surgery
Chapter 11: Elliptical Excision
Chapter 12: Nail Procedures: Tips and Tricks
Chapter 13: Flaps and Grafts
Chapter 14: Cryotherapy and Cryosurgery
Chapter 15: Vascular Lesion Lasers
Chapter 16: Fractionated CO2 Laser
Chapter 17: Pigmented Lesion Lasers
Chapter 18: Intense Pulsed Light
Chapter 19: Photodynamic Therapy